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New-Participant Spotlight:
Church & Dwight


Church & Dwight Joins Green-e® Marketplace: Using 100% Renewable Energy

We’re excited to welcome consumer-products company Church & Dwight to Green-e Marketplace. The company has purchased over 160,000 MWh of renewable energy, enough to match the operations of 16 of its U.S.-based manufacturing facilities for the year. The company is based in Ewing, New Jersey, and manufactures dozens of business and consumer brands, including Arm & Hammer, Vitafusion, OxyClean, AIM, and more. As part of its company-wide sustainability strategy, Church & Dwight has joined Green-e Marketplace, and will use the Green-e logo to demonstrate its commitment to clean energy on several brands, including Arm & Hammer, Vitafusion, and Lil Critters vitamins. To learn more, visit

Green-e® Renewable Energy Standard for Chile Launches with Viña Concha y Toro Collaboration

Beginning this month, CRS will begin developing a Green-e® Renewable Energy Standard for Chile, and we are proud to announce a new collaboration in this effort with Viña Concha y Toro, one of the world’s largest wineries. The announcement was made by Orrin Cook, Director of International Programs, at the Chilean International Renewable Energy Conference (CIREC) in Santiago on a panel called "Driving Renewable Energy through Corporate Procurement."

Viña Concha y Toro will be the first company to be certified by the new standard, in a pilot process to verify its renewable energy procurement. If successful, this will enable Viña Concha y Toro's wines to be vinted and bottled using 100% Green-e® certified renewable energy. To learn more about the new standard and sign up for updates, visit‑

Green-e Launches Singapore Certification Standard

Recently Green-e launched a new regional standard for Singapore that details the requirements for Green-e certification of renewable electricity sales and consumption in Singapore. The Green-e Renewable Energy Standard for Singapore defines eligible renewable resources, requirements for customer disclosure and transparency, and use of renewable energy tracking systems. This standard will allow large buyers and clean energy sellers in Singapore to apply for Green-e certification of their retail renewable electricity and energy attribute certificates (EACs).

As more electricity consumers are able to choose their power, Green-e certification will give electricity retailers, businesses, and consumers a way to distinguish their activity and demonstrate their commitment to impactful purchasing. Green-e can certify corporate purchases, including power purchase agreements, renewable electricity tariffs marketed by an electricity retailer, and EAC-only sales.

Registration Opening Soon for
Renewable Energy Markets 2018

Plan to be in Houston October 9–11 to hear about emerging trends guiding the clean energy economy, learn best practices from the most innovative companies, and network with more than 400 executives, policymakers, and leaders across nearly every industry and sector.

Super Early-Bird Registration opens May 1, visit the website now for details and to sign up for updates.


Recent Publications

Overview of Renewable Portfolio Standard Design Options from the U.S. Experience

A report highlighting the main principles and options that inform Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) program design based on experiences in the United States. Prepared for the China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI) with funding by Energy Foundation China. This report is also available in Mandarin.


Corporate and Voluntary Renewable Energy in State Greenhouse Gas Policy: An Air Regulator’s Guide

Evaluates the effect of GHG regulations for the power sector on voluntary renewable energy, and vice-versa. It includes guidance for states to prevent GHG regulation from removing the grid emissions benefits of voluntary renewable energy and maintain private investment in emissions-reducing renewable energy. (Also see the accompanying fact sheet, Voluntary Renewable Energy Set-Asides For Cap-And-Trade.)

Upcoming Webinars

Introduction to Green-e® Energy

Wednesday, April 25th at 11AM PT
A free webinar that explains the Green-e Energy certification program and how it works within the larger voluntary renewable energy market in North America. It covers the basics of how renewable energy is generated, tracked, and sold; how Green-e Energy protects consumers by ensuring clear title to renewable energy purchases that are as advertised; and how to become involved with Green-e Energy. REGISTER

Renewable Energy Purchasing Syndicates

Wednesday, June 13th at 11AM PT
While the PPA model has grown rapidly, many purchasers have been left out of the loop. In response, "syndicates" or aggregation models are being explored by those who want to participate but lack the ability to finance a deal alone. The webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities for corporates, developers, and matchmakers in navigating these complex deals. REGISTER

From the Blog

Renewable Portfolio Standards: Options From the U.S. Experience
China is in the midst of creating a quota system for renewable energy. The policy may resemble that used in many U.S. states known as a renewable portfolio standard (RPS), but China’s electricity market and regulatory structures are unique, as are the challenges it faces to renewable energy development.

How Does Carbon Regulation Affect My Renewable Energy Purchase (and Vice Versa)?
It's no secret that corporate purchasing is driving the global growth of renewable energy markets, and many companies are pursuing these contracts as part of their environmental and social governance initiatives. What is imperative is that both regulators and purchasers understand how claims are affected by the policy environments.

Welcome to Green-e

We would like to welcome new participants in Green-e, and existing participants with new certified products. To learn more about them, visit the Green-e website.

Green-e Energy

Aggressive Energy
East Coast Power & Gas, LLC
First Climate
Green Mountain Energy
JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority)
Moffett Solar 1, LLC
Peninsula Clean Energy
Puget Sound Energy (PSE)
Silicon Valley Clean Energy

Green-e Climate


Green-e Marketplace

Church & Dwight

Staff Updates

Michelle McGinty
Manager, Program Outreach

Michelle McGinty joined CRS in January 2018. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Business Administration where she initially developed her interest in Corporate Social Responsibility. She went on to work in sales and marketing consulting before seeking a more mission based career. Her next employer was Sungevity, a national residential solar provider. There she worked in various roles, including sales and operations. Now Michelle looks forward to continuing her path in renewable energy by introducing more organizations to the Green-e programs.

Avi Ringer
Associate, Green-e Marketing Compliance

Avi Ringer joins CRS from UC Berkeley, where his graduate work has explored innovation and change in large production industries such chemicals, energy and food, and the political, strategic, and cultural dimensions of organizations in these fields. He has been involved in a number of efforts to develop private governance systems, including in retail, consumer products, and apparel sectors. At CRS, Avi works on the marketing compliance process, as well as investigating the role that RECs play in project development, business model innovation, and the evolution of renewable energy markets.

Sonya Salimy
Associate, Green-e Marketing Compliance

Sonya is a recent graduate of the University of Freiburg in Germany, earning a M.S. in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management. She earned a B.S. in Society and Environment from the UC Berkeley, and has returned to the Bay Area to join CRS as a Green-e Verification Associate. She is interested in developing renewable energy markets in the U.S. and abroad, and is excited to join the CRS team.

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