Green-e Energy to Launch International Standard Update


Green-e Energy to Launch International Standard Update

Jeff Swenerton
Center for Resource Solutions

San Francisco, CA (March 7, 2016)—San Francisco–based nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) is pleased to announce an international update to the Green-e Energy National Standard for renewable electricity. With strong demand from companies and organizations with global renewable energy targets, the expanded Green-e Standard will address the existing need for consistent, credible, and impactful purchasing options globally as well as spur market development of new infrastructure, including tradable renewable certificates and tracking systems. The updated standard will provide country-specific requirements for renewable energy transactions that occur through utility green power programs, tradable certificate products, direct power purchase agreements (PPAs), and onsite generation.

Drawing on 20 years of success operating the Green-e Energy program for North America, CRS will follow the Green-e program’s established transparent, open-stakeholder processes during this standard update. CRS will seek feedback on the proposed updates, and the initial 60-day open comment period will commence in the second quarter of the year. Information about this update to the Green-e Energy National Standard and development process is available on the Green-e website at, where interested parties can also sign up to receive updates and announcements.

“Supporting market driven solutions to advance sustainable energy is core to our mission” said CRS Executive Director Jennifer Martin. “This updated standard will build upon the successful track record of the Green-e certification programs in North America and accelerate the availability and credibility of voluntary renewable energy procurement worldwide.”

CRS expects to release the final Standard late in 2016 and to begin certification of renewable electricity transactions outside of North America shortly after launch, adding additional country-specific requirements over time. The new Standard will define impactful renewable energy sourcing and allow for access to trusted, independent, third party certification of renewable energy commitments. The standard will allow purchasers to harmonize their global procurement efforts and reduce risk, ensure unique ownership claims, and drive forward the global market for high-quality and impact-focused renewable energy.

“As the price of renewable energy drops and sustainability initiatives increase, it’s important to have clear purchasing protocols—for companies, developers, investors and all parties in between,” said David Hughes, Commercial Development Lead for Schneider Electric Energy and Sustainability Services. “We’ve helped organizations procure gigawatts of wind and solar power, and see great value in CRS’s efforts to update the Green-e Energy Standard.”

Green-e Energy is North America’s leading certification program for renewable electricity in the voluntary market. Green-e creates the standard for and provides third-party oversight to voluntary renewable energy procurement and sales, certifying more than half of all retail voluntary renewable energy sales in the U.S. Green-e has been instrumental in developing a thriving voluntary renewable energy market that has seen a 40% annual average growth of certified retail sales over the last 10 years.

“For many years now CRS has set the standard to verify corporate renewable energy purchasing in North America as we have established global carbon reporting practice covering thousands of companies globally. In 2013 we created, together with The Climate Group, the RE100, a collection of 53 global companies seeking 100% renewable procurement by 2050. We applaud CRS’s work and expect that this Standard update will help our partners and their in-country counterparts move more quickly toward a world where renewables are available wherever business is done,” said Pedro Faria, Technical Director at CDP.

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