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CRS Partners with STX Group to Offer First Green-e® Certified Renewable Energy Product in Singapore

STX Group is the first company to offer certified renewable energy for commercial clients’ electricity use outside North America

STX Group
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Center for Resource Solutions
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SINGAPORE, 23 April, 2024 – STX Group, a leading global environmental commodities trading and climate solutions firm, is expanding its clean energy commercial portfolio by offering the first energy attribute certificates (EACs) in Singapore, certified by the NGO Center for Resource Solutions’ (CRS’s) Green-e® Energy program, a global leader in clean energy certification. By offering this product to its commercial clients through its new Singapore office, STX Group becomes the first EAC seller to offer a Green-e® certified product for electricity use outside North America.

The landmark sale of Green-e® certified EACs included those from a 400kWp+ rooftop photovoltaic system located in southwest Singapore. The EACs from the system are tracked in the TIGRs electronic tracking system database. Once the EACs are sold to a customer, they are retired in TIGRs on the customer’s behalf, and cannot be claimed by any other organization, government entity or electricity provider.

“We are excited to be working with STX Group on the first Green-e® Energy certified transaction in Singapore’s fast-growing renewable energy market,” said Jennifer Martin, executive director of CRS, which administers the Green-e® program. “Facilitating the region’s clean energy transition is part of our mission and crucial for greenhouse gas reduction efforts worldwide, and STX is well-placed to assist its commercial clients in making a real impact by transitioning to clean energy.”

“Working with CRS to offer their Green-e® certified products to our corporate clients in Singapore provides our clients with wider access to EAC products. We are excited to be the first partner to offer a Green-e® certified product for electricity use outside North America,” said Aymeric de Condé, Head of APAC for Strive by STX.

Green-e® Energy is the leading renewable energy certification program in North America, with additional standards for certification of renewable energy transactions in Chile, Singapore and Taiwan R.O.C. With the recently released Green-e® Renewable Electricity Standard for International Certification, Green-e® certified clean energy products can now be offered for sales in an increasing number of electricity markets. The renewable energy in Green‐e® Energy certified products undergo a thorough verification process to ensure it is sourced from an eligible source of supply (e.g. wind, solar, geothermal, biomass or low-impact hydropower) that meets the International Standard criteria, is from new projects, is verified, is surplus to regulatory requirements, and has not been double‐counted or double-claimed.

Revenue generated from the purchase of certified EACs can incentivize new renewable development and help build the market for renewable electricity. Increased demand for—and generation of—renewable electricity contributes to climate change mitigation efforts.


About STX Group

STX Group is a leading global environmental commodity trader and climate solutions provider. For over 25 years, its teams have continued to be at the forefront of the global transition towards a low-carbon economy. Leveraging its long-standing expertise in accurately pricing pollution and emissions, STX Group helps cultivate trust in market-based solutions to the decarbonized economy.

STX Group’s trading and corporate climate solutions offerings ensure capital flows to thousands of projects that make the world a greener place, while providing corporations with certified proof-points of their contributions to environmental progress.

Headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in 13 countries worldwide, its global team, inclusive of Vertis and Strive, comprises over 500 employees of more than 60 nationalities.

For more information, please visit stxgroup.com.


About Green-e® Certification and Center for Resource Solutions

The Green-e® certification program is run by the NGO Center for Resource Solutions, and is the leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions in the voluntary market. CRS offers certification and verification services through Green-e® Energy, a renewable energy certification program; Green-e® Climate, a greenhouse gas emission reduction certification program; Green-e® Marketplace, a program that provides forward-thinking organizations a simple, internationally recognized logo they can use to communicate their renewable energy and climate commitment to their customers and stakeholders; and Green-e® Renewable Fuels, a biomethane and other renewable fuels certification program. To learn more about Green-e® certified products and programs, visit www.green-e.org.