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Spring Power & Gas Launches Green-e Certified Natural Gas Offset and REC Plans for Maryland and New Jersey

Jeff Swenerton
Center for Resource Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (April 27, 2017)—Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) announced that Spring Power and Gas, a retail energy provider of electricity and gas supply services for Maryland and New Jersey, launched two Green-e certified products: “Zero Gas,” a natural gas product paired with Green-e Climate certified carbon offsets; and “Wind REC,” a Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificate (REC) product. Both are available to new Spring Power and Gas customers in MD and NJ.

Spring Power & Gas’s Zero Gas product is the first Green-e Climate certified carbon offset natural gas program for residential customers in Maryland and New Jersey. Zero Gas matches a customer’s natural gas usage with Green-e Climate Certified carbon offsets to ensure that 100% of the carbon emissions caused by a customer’s gas usage are offset.

Through the Spring Green program, Spring matches 100% of the electricity used by its electricity customers, and matches it with nationally sourced Green-e Energy certified wind RECs.

“Spring Power & Gas has always offered gas and electricity matched 100% to customers’ energy usage and we are excited to be working with Green-e on verifying these products. The new products are reviewed and approved using the highest possible standards. We want our customers to feel confident in their energy choices,” said Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations, Spring Power & Gas.

Green-e Climate is the global retail standard for high-quality carbon offsets, and an independent, third-party certification for gas offset programs. It ensures that carbon offsets delivered to gas customers are real, permanent and verified. Green-e Climate certifies that the offsets come from projects that are beyond business-as-usual and registered with high-quality project standards. The program verifies gas customers’ exclusive ownership of the reductions as well as correct delivery, protects against double selling, and requires carbon offset disclosure to safeguard for truth in advertising.

Green-e Energy is the leading renewable energy certification and verification program in North America. The program is the only one of its kind in the U.S., and provides independent, third-party certification to ensure that certified renewable energy meets strict environmental and consumer-protection standards.


About Spring Power & Gas
Spring Power & Gas is an energy retailer dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions for your electricity and natural gas supply. It focuses on environmentally conscious products backed by a friendly and efficient service. As a company, Spring Power & Gas prides itself on transparency and its customer service team is always happy to help with any questions about the energy industry or its services. Learn more at springpowerandgas.us


About Green-e and Center for Resource Solutions
A program of the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions, Green-e is North America’s leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions in the retail market. Green-e offers certification and verification services through Green-e Energy, a renewable energy certification program; Green-e Climate, a greenhouse gas emission reduction certification program; and Green-e Marketplace, a program that provides forward-thinking organizations a simple, nationally recognized logo they can use to communicate their renewable energy and climate commitment to their customers and stakeholders. To learn more about Green-e Certified products and programs available in all 50 states and Canada, visit www.green-e.org.