Green-e Launches New Green-e Federal Renewable Energy Certification Option

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Green-e Launches New Green-e Federal Renewable Energy Certification Option

Energy sellers now able to offer “federal-ready” Green-e certified products



Jeff Swenerton
Center for Resource Solutions
Ruben Rodriguez
WGL Energy

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (October 20, 2015)—Center for Resource Solutions today announced the launch of a new Green-e® certification option designed for energy sellers that contract with government agencies and departments interested in renewable energy supply. Green-e Energy certified Federal products will meet requirements established in Executive Order 13693, issued by the President in March. Following guidelines set forth in June by the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), acceptable supply will meet Federal guidelines as well as the Green-e Energy National Standard rules, while providing third-party verification and the corresponding consumer protections and guaranteed environmental benefits.

Green-e worked with representatives in affected federal agencies including the CEQ, to build a product option that would be of value to federal procurement officers who want to minimize the risk of double counting and value third party review.

“With the signing of the Executive Order, the federal government is becoming an increasingly important driver of the renewables sector. The availability of a Green-e certified purchasing mechanism takes much of the guess work out of the procurement process, giving government buyers a clear path to meeting their renewable energy procurement goals, easing the procurement process, and reducing risk” said Jennifer Martin, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions, which administers the Green-e program. “We are excited to empower our participating sellers to better engage with this important group of buyers.”

Green-e Energy Federal products will help agencies reduce the environmental impact of their electricity use, while minimizing market risk through the extensive third-party verification process. By meeting both Green-e Energy National Standard and Federal standards of quality, agencies will be securing some of the most environmentally impactful energy produced in the United States, energy that also complies with a wide range of other environmental standards, including the LEED standard.

Green-e Energy Federal products will be available to buyers through Green-e Energy participants who have established an additional Federal-specific product with Green-e. Green-e Energy, a program of the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions, certifies renewable energy that meets environmental and consumer protection standards developed in conjunction with leading environmental, energy, and policy organizations.

To learn more about building a Green-e Energy Federal product, or find sellers that can provide certified supply, visit


About Green‑e and Center for Resource Solutions
A program of the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions, Green‑e is North America’s leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions in the retail market. Green‑e offers certification and verification services through Green‑e Energy, a renewable energy certification program; Green‑e Climate, a greenhouse gas emission reduction certification program; and Green‑e Marketplace, a program that provides forward-thinking organizations a simple, nationally recognized logo they can use to communicate their renewable energy and climate commitment to their customers and stakeholders. To learn more about Green‑e Certified products and programs available in all 50 states and Canada, visit‑



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