CRS Releases 2011 Annual Report

Center for Resource Solutions 2011 Annual Report

Every day, thousands of Green-e certified megawatt hours are generated in North America. This is enough renewable energy to power millions of U.S. homes, giving consumers and businesses a more sustainable choice in the products they buy and the electricity they choose. Today, more than half of new wind capacity in the U.S. participates in Green-e. We are proud of these results, and we continue to work side-by-side with renewable energy sector stakeholders, policy leaders, NGOs, businesses, and individuals to boost new clean energy capacity and demand.

Today we are releasing our 2011 Annual Report, which details the story of how we got here as much as it acts as a blueprint for the next decade. As crucial as clean energy is to our future economic, environmental, and energy security, it remains but a small fraction of the U.S. and global energy supply. We look forward to the technological advances, cost improvements, customer awareness, and market-oriented policies that will bring us more clean megawatts, and the opportunities that will follow for everyone.

We hope you take the time to read our report, and if you appreciate the work we are doing, please consider supporting us. And remember to sign up for clean energy through your electricity provider or a renewable energy seller. It moves us all a step closer to our shared clean energy future.

Jennifer Martin
Executive Director
Center for Resource Solutions



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