Center for Resource Solutions Supports Al Gore’s 100% Renewable Energy Goal

Center for Resource Solutions Supports Al Gore’s 100% Renewable Energy Goal


Jeff Swenerton
CRS Communications Director

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF (July 18, 2008) — The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a nonprofit renewable energy policy organization, supports former-Vice President Al Gore’s goal to move 100% of our electricity generation capacity to renewables in the next decade. We recognize the massive investments in infrastructure and technology effort this will require, as well as an unprecedented political consensus. But in this bold proposal are the keys to solving economic and environmental problems that could plague the United States over the coming decades unless we commit to action now. The benefits of Gore’s proposal to provide a clean source of emissions-free energy throughout the U.S. are many, including.

  1. Reducing transportation costs by making next-generation transportation options like plug-in electric and fuel-cell vehicles viable; and reducing the need for foreign oil, domestic drilling, and biofuels that contribute to rising food costs
  2. Spurring continuing investments in research and development to solve the technical hurdles in energy generation, transmission, and storage
  3. Reducing pollution-related health incidences and costs in communities close to fossil-fuel plants and coal mines, a serious environmental-justice issue
  4. Mitigating the effects of climate change by drastically reducing the amount of carbon emitted from coal and natural gas plants, the biggest sources of greenhouse gases in the country
  5. Boosting economic opportunities for residents in areas rich with renewable resources like wind, sun, and geothermal but lacking a diverse jobs base

Like most sufficiently bold proposals, this goal will require coordinated action. It will need infrastructure investments to build and install new renewables as well as restructure the current electricity grid to accommodate them, but the stakes could not be higher, and the proposal brings with it many associated benefits. With energy costs rising, renewable energy technologies are increasingly cost effective, and they are proven to be reliable sources of electricity. Many companies and individuals are discovering the effectiveness of money-saving energy efficiency measures, a strategy that can keep demand flat nationwide over the coming decades, and that should form a key strategy in any legitimate energy policy.

As a 10-year old nonprofit renewable energy policy organization, the Center for Resource Solutions has seen the market for renewable energy grow tremendously over the past decade, as individuals and businesses have made purchasing clean energy a priority.

“More than just a clean source of power, energy efficiency and renewable energy can form the cornerstones of a national strategy to invigorate our economy, reduce pollution health impacts, and mitigate our contribution to climate change,” said Arthur O’Donnell, executive director of CRS. “We applaud Gore’s visionary proposal and will continue promoting renewable energy policy and solutions toward realizing his goal. We believe it is entirely possible to displace much of the expected new domestic demand for electricity with energy efficiency, while bringing renewable technologies to the center of a new interactive grid, without resorting to additional nuclear capacity."

After his landmark speech, Gore suggested that those already working in this field promote their efforts and highlight the actions of businesses that are stepping up to the climate challenge. “CRS is proud to point to the scores of companies that are part of our Green-e Marketplace program. They have committed to using renewable energy for a substantial portion-if not all-of their electricity needs,” O’Donnell added. “We also would like to highlight the efforts of our many Green-e Energy partners who have long been active in supplying clean power to consumers.”

About Center for Resource Solutions
The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) is a national nonprofit with global impact. CRS brings forth expert responses to climate change issues with the speed and effectiveness necessary to provide real-time solutions. Its leadership through collaboration and environmental innovation builds policies and consumer-protection mechanisms in renewable energy, greenhouse gas reductions, and energy efficiency that foster healthy and sustained growth in national and international markets. For more information about its programs, visit and



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