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Jeff Swenerton
CRS Communications Director

SAN FRANCISCO (January 28, 2010) — Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a private nonprofit organization that creates policy and market solutions to advance sustainable energy, today welcomed four new members to its Board of Directors: Rick Counihan, Nathan E. Hanson, Blair Swezey, and Elena Schmid. Board members guide CRS throughout the year and collaborate with the organization’s staff to create strategies to further the use of renewable energy by individuals and businesses, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and inform new policy-making to spur the development of the new green economy and address climate change.

Rick Counihan is Vice-President Regulatory Affairs, Western Region for EnerNOC, Inc., which helps commercial, institutional and industrial organizations use energy more intelligently, pay less for it, and generate cash flow that benefits the bottom line. EnerNOC is pioneering energy-saving solutions which include demand response management, energy efficiency, energy procurement, and carbon management. Mr. Counihan has 25 years experience in the energy and utility fields. Rick has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Pomona College and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University.

Nathan (Nate) E. Hanson is the Vice President of NextEra Energy Power Marketing. NextEra Energy Resources stands out as a leader in producing electricity from clean and renewable sources and is among the nation’s most disciplined competitive power generators. NextEra derives more than 90 percent of its electricity from clean and/or renewable fuels. Currently, Mr. Hanson oversees renewable energy product offerings as well as emissions product trading, and has over two decades of experience in the energy and utility fields.

Blair Swezey is the Senior Director for Solar Markets and Public Policy at Applied Materials. Before joining Applied Materials in 2007, Mr. Swezey was a principal policy adviser at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado. At NREL, Mr. Swezey advised utilities, power marketers, and state and federal policy makers on the formulation of renewable energy programs and policies. Mr. Swezey holds a B.S. degree in political economy of natural resources from the University of California at Berkeley and completed graduate studies in economics at San Jose State University.

Elena Schmid is an independent consultant who provides technical assistance to renewable energy firms and other organizations which support increasing the supply of renewable energy. Ms. Schmid previously held leadership positions with the California Independent System Operator, Association of Bay Area Governments, the Office of Ratepayer Advocates at the California Public Utilities Commission, and the California Energy Commission. Ms. Schmid also serves on the boards of the Trust for Conservation Innovation and the Children’s Council of San Francisco.

“CRS is pleased to be able to attract such high caliber members to our Board of Directors. We know they will make significant contributions to our work to promote renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Executive Director Arthur O’Donnell. “Each brings a wealth of highly relevant experience and connections that will be essential to helping CRS fulfill its mission of advancing sustainable energy. Additionally, we will rely on their diverse perspectives to help inform an updated vision for the organization that will carry us into a second decade of excellence and achievement,” he said.

About Center for Resource Solutions
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