CRS Announces Climate Economist Chris Busch Joins As Policy Director


Busch brings leadership and experience in developing climate change policies
and strategies for clean energy development


Jeff Swenerton
CRS Communications Director

San Francisco, CA (February 26, 2009) — The nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a leader in renewable energy policy and environmental commodity certification, announced today that Chris Busch, Ph.D. joined the organization as Policy Director.

Busch will work both in the West and nationally to advance policy initiatives that promote clean energy development and reduce greenhouse gases. He will seek to ensure the continued vibrancy of the voluntary market for renewable energy that has been an important driver of clean energy for years, as well as promote regulatory approaches such as renewable electricity standards. Priorities in climate policy include ensuring that clean energy receives proper emphasis as a mitigation measure within the economy-wide package of necessary policies, promoting a mix of market-based instruments (such as cap-and-trade) and other policy approaches, and the adoption of emission caps that will ensure pollution reductions consistent with what the science says is necessary to avoid the most dangerous impacts of global warming. Today, Chris was appointed to the California Air Resources Board’s Economic and Technology Advancement Advisory Committee, one of two advisory bodies explicitly called for in the legislation that established California’s landmark climate legislation, Assembly Bill 32 (the Global Warming Solutions Act).

“Chris has been intimately involved in some of the most important environmental policy initiatives in California in the last decade,” said Arthur O’Donnell, CRS Executive Director. “With his broad experience in environmental economics, policy development, and energy research, he is uniquely qualified to guide CRS’s efforts at shaping robust, effective approaches to the interrelated challenges of clean energy development and reversing global warming. We are excited to have him aboard.”

Prior to joining CRS, Busch was a Climate Economist in the Climate Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. From this post he was deeply involved in implementation of the California Global Warming Solutions Act (Assembly Bill 32) and development of the Western Climate Initiative. In 2006, Chris co-authored the report Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California while he was with U.C. Berkeley’s California Climate Change Center. He also served as Senior Research Associate in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s International Energy Studies Group and worked in the Lab’s Appliance and Lighting Standards Group.

Busch holds two graduate degrees from the University of California, Berkeley: a Ph.D. in environmental economics from the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and a Master’s in public policy from the Goldman School of Public Policy.


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