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  Evolution Markets is Green-e's First Certified Broker  
  Green-e Governance Boards Unite  
  Now Accepting Comments: TRC Futures, POP Tags and Excel Energy Certification  
  Nominations Due July 8th for 2005 Green Power Leadership Awards  
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The Green-e News highlights timely Green-e Program topics for competitive and regulated electricity markets, and tradable renewable certificate markets including regional news, outreach efforts, policy changes and verification updates.If you know someone that would like to receive the Green-e News, please go to or contact Siobhan Doherty at
Green-e at a Glance
Green-e Certification is available for wholesale, retail, resale and commercial electricity products, tradable renewable certificates (TRCs) and utility green pricing programs in the U.S. Certified products are available in all 50 states.
51 certified products;
98 participating marketers and utilities
2.9 Billion kWh of certified electricity sold in 2003
Nationwide, 94,000 households and businesses purchase Green-e certified energy products.
If you are interested in supporting Green-e or other programs administered by the Center for Resource Solutions go to:
Evolution Markets is Green-e's First Certified Broker
  On May 17th the Green-e Governance Board voted in favor of creating a separate certification category for Tradable Renewable Certificate Brokers. Green-e TRC Broker Certification is available for TRC transactions that meet Green-e standards and are brokered between eligible generators and end-use customers. This approach is intended to provide a flexible, low-cost certification/verification option to brokers, generators and end-use customers. End-use customers interested in promoting their renewable energy purchase through the use of the Green-e logo to can now purchase TRCs directly from a generator using a Green-e certified Broker without requiring each generator to become individually certified, and without the broker taking ownership of the TRCs. This strategy expands the options for acquiring access to the Green-e logo for end-use customers. It also allows generators to sell excess TRCs as Green-e certified through a broker without requiring a separate certification. Lastly, this approach allows brokers to market their transactions as Green-e certified and to use the Green-e logo.

Evolution Markets is the first TRC broker to become certified under this new certification category. Green-e is excited to welcome Evolution Markets as the first Green-e certified broker. Evolution Markets is one of the nation's leading environmental brokers, and the top broker in the compliance and voluntary renewable energy credit markets. "We are very pleased with the new Green-e TRC Broker Certification", said Anna Giovinetto, Director of Renewable Energy Markets at Evolution Markets. "This new Certification will make it even easier for wholesale buyers to procure Green-e certified TRCs, and as a result, improve market liquidity".

For more information on Broker Certification, please see , or contact: Siobhan Doherty at, (415) 561-2100.

Green-e Governance Boards Unite

Green-e merged its two governing boards, the Green Power Board and Green Pricing Accreditation Board, to create one Green-e Governance Board. With the completion of the standard setting process at the end of 2004, Green-e anticipates that the majority of the issues to come before the Board will be program-wide issues. Therefore, in the interest of program consistency, simplicity and efficiency, Green-e merged the two boards. The Green-e Governance Board will serve the same functions as the two Boards previously served, to ensure that the Program's standards and policies are appropriate and necessary to meet the stated goals and objectives of the Green-e Program and that certification and verification are handled in a credible and effective manner.

Green-e Board members play a crucial advisory role for the Green-e program. The program could not have achieved the level of success that it has without their valuable input and participation. Green-e is grateful to the Board members for this and for their ongoing participation on the newly merged Board. For more information on Green-e governance, please see: Please contact: Siobhan Doherty at, (415) 561-2100, with any questions.

Now Accepting Comments: TRC Futures, POP Tags and Excel Energy Certification


TRC Futures and POP Tags:
Green-e is currently accepting comments on two proposed draft standards. The first is for Green-e certification of Tradable Renewable Certificates that are sold more than a year in advance of generation (aka TRC Futures). The second is for TRCs sold in small quantities at the point-of-purchase to offset the consumer's energy use and/or emissions from a particular activity (aka Point-of-Purchase Tags or POP Tags). Comments are due to CRS by June16, 2005. For more information and to download the standards and comment forms, If you have questions about the proposed standards, the form, or the comment process, please contact: Siobhan Doherty at (415) 561-2118,

Excel Energy Certification Contract:

Green-e is currently accepting comments on the certification contract for Excel Energy's green pricing program in Colorado. Comments are due to CRS by June 18, 2005. For more information and to download a copy of the contract, see . If you have questions, please contact: Kassie Rohrbach at (415) 561-2106,
Nominations Due July 8th for 2005 Green Power Leadership Awards

The Presented each year by EPA, the Department of Energy (DOE), and the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), the Green Power Leadership Awards honor exemplary national green power Purchasers, Suppliers and Market Builders. NOMINATIONS ARE DUE JULY 8th. Nomination forms are available on the CRS Awards webpage at

The Market Development Awards recognize renewable energy marketers, nonprofit organizations, companies, educational institutions, individuals, and other industry leaders that have helped build the market for green power. Any party may submit nominations or provide self-nominations and there is no limit to the number of nominations that may be submitted per party for awards recognizing innovative marketing, cutting-edge outreach, and outstanding contribution by an individual.

Green Power Partners are eligible for the Purchaser Awards, and suppliers/generators are eligible for Supplier Awards recognizing increased market deployment of renewable energy technologies through green power markets.
Contact: Keri Bolding at, (415) 561-2100,
or Pam Mendelson at (303) 275-4819 .

The 2005 Awards will be presented at a dinner banquet on OCTOBER 24th at the 10th National Green Power Marketing Conference, taking place in Austin, Texas, October 24-26, 2005. Additional details about the 2005 Conference can be found at

New Product Certifications
  The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) welcomed the following new suppliers and products to the Green-e Program:
  Conservation Services Group is offering a new TRC product, "ClimateSave" to residential customers. For more information go to or call: 1-800-689-7957.
  Select Energy is offering a new electricity product, "EarthWise (100)" to commercial customers in the Mid-Atlantic. For more information go to or call: 1-888-810-5678.
Discontinued Certifications
As of December 31, 2004 the following products will no longer be Green-e certified. For a full list of Green-e certified products, go to:
  Community Energy, Inc. - New Wind & Water (NY - NIMO), New Wind Energy (NY)
  Conservation Services Group - ReGen New England TRC
  Mass Energy - New England Green Start (MA)
  Pepco Energy Services - PES Green TRC
  Pacific Renewables - Commercial TRC
Green-e 2003 Verification Report Available on CRS Web site
  The Center for Resource Solutions released the 2003 Verification Report, revealing an 82% increase in total volume of Green-e certified energy sales over the previous year. This report, featuring results from the Green-e Program's annual verification process, also shows positive growth in total customers, renewable energy supply, and resulting pollution reduction due to certified renewable energy in 2003. The Report is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF at:
New Products and Businesses Using the Green-e Logo
  Santa Cruz Organic Juices are made with 100% Green-e certified renewable energy offered by 3 Phases Energy. Contact Shayne Law for more information (
  Bentley Prince Street's ( entire product line is made with 100% Green-e certified renewable energy offered by Sterling Planet. Contact Paul Firth for more information (
Grays Harbor Paper ( generates over 65% of the entire company's electricity use with Green-e eligible biomass generator owned and operated by the company. Contact Ron McDougall for more information (
Innovative Power Systems ( grows their H2GRO tomatoes in a hydroponic greenhouse that is powered by 100% renewable energy. Contact Peter H Zeliff for more information (
ICF Consulting ( is purchasing 3 Phase Energy's Green Certificates to offset 100% of their organization's electricity use with renewable resources. Contact Kendall Youngblood for more information (
Jim Clift Design ( is purchasing New England Greenstart from People's Power and Light to offset 100% of the company's electricity use. Contact Lynn Clift for more information (
The Renewable Energy Center ( is offering Community Energy's New Wind Energy as part of their rewards program for their GREEN Card credit card. Contact John Zyskowski for more information (
St Mark's School Electric Vehicle Club ( offsets 100% of the electricity use of Woodstock, their electric vehicle, through Sun Power Electric's Climate Save Program. Contact Ken Wells for more information (
Policy Changes
  Black Liquor:
On May 17th, the Green-e Governance Board reviewed stakeholder comments regarding the issue of black liquor eligibility in certain regions and reaffirmed that black liquor is not an eligible resource in the Pacific Northwest and Georgia. Black Liquor is an eligible fuel for Green-e in all other regions. Please direct questions to Siobhan Doherty at (415) 561-2118 or

To learn more about certified renewable energy available throughout the US, visit, or call 888.63.GREEN.
Green-e is a program of the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a national nonprofit organization that makes it easier for people and organizations to use renewable energy.
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