CRS Webinar


Best Practices in Commercial
Carbon Offset Purchasing

Guidelines, strategies, and resources for integrating carbon offsets into corporate sustainability goals

Event Details

(in speaking order)
Todd Jones, Manager, Green-e Climate (Moderator)
Orrin Cook, Manager, Green-e Marketplace
Adrian Rimmer, Chief Executive Officer,
The Gold Standard Foundation
Elyse Rhodin, Clean Energy Analyst, Think Energy
    When: Thursday, September 29, 2011, at noon PT/ 3 pm ET (1 hour)
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    Cost: $35

Join us on Thursday, September 29 for a webinar on credible voluntary offsetting—from the role of offsetting in corporate environmental strategy and the ideal use of offsets to the identification of credible offset retailers and products. The webinar will explain what is necessary for assurance of offset quality and consumer protection throughout the lifecycle (or chain of custody) of a retail carbon offset product, including:

  • Project validation, registration, and monitoring
  • Verification of emissions reductions and credit issuance
  • Retail product certification and verification of retail transactions and sales
  • Benefits and perspective of purchasers

Who Should Attend: Corporate sustainability managers, energy purchasers, and others interested in using carbon offsets as a way to meet goals for sustainabiity. This webinar will also be a good introduction to offset certification.

The webinar is $35 and will begin promptly at noon PT.

Questions: If you have any questions or would like to find out more about this webinar, please contact Jeff Swenerton at 415-561-2100 or