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Stakeholder Comment Period for Updates to the Green-e Climate Standard v.2.1

Dear Green-e® Climate Stakeholders,

Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) is pleased to announce the opening of an open stakeholder comment period for potential revisions to the Green-e Climate Standard. The Green-e Climate Standard lays out the process and principles by which stakeholders and the Green-e Governance Board determine which GHG Project Certification Programs and GHG Emission Allowance Programs will be eligible sources of GHG emissions reductions to supply Green-e Climate Certified Products.

The 30-day comment period will be open through Monday, March 18, 2013.

Please view the following documents for consultation questions and proposed changes on which CRS is seeking stakeholder input and comment:

Stakeholder Comment Period for Updates to the Green‐e Climate Standard v.2.1
Changes to Green-e Climate Standard v2.0

Please submit responses and comments electronically, in Microsoft Word or PDF format, to Green-e Climate staff at Please make the subject line of the email as follows: “Green-e Climate Standard v. 2.1 Comment Period, Feb 2013, [Name of Organization or Individual(s)].”

In your responses and comments, please clearly indicate which numbered consultation question or proposed change your comment addresses, or otherwise indicate to which section(s) of the Standard your comments pertain.

Thank you for your time in reviewing the updates and revisions to the Green-e Climate Standard. You are encouraged to pass this announcement along to others interested in carbon offsets and the voluntary market. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

If you have any questions about this revision process, please contact Green-e Climate Program Staff at 415-561-2100 or


Green-e Climate Program Staff

More information about Green-e Climate can be found on the Green-e Climate website at

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