NRDC’s New Carbon Offset Guide Hits The Mark


The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) website has long been a popular resource for businesses and individuals looking for information on pressing environmental issues and initiatives, policy and regulatory changes, and importantly, ways to reduce one’s environmental impact.

NRDC has recently rebooted a page that has guidance on buying carbon offsets, with the update reflecting important developments in the market that have improved both quality and consumer protection. Buying Carbon Offsets: What You Need to Know provides clear guidance for consumers and makes it easy to identify credible carbon offsets. It manages to articulate in succinct language the difference between and importance of both project- and retail-level certifications, and how buyers can gain critical quality assurances at both the point of generation and the point of sale (including through Green-e Climate).

NRDC understands that with these standards and certifications providing credibility in the market, certified carbon offsets can be an important tool in the fight against climate change. The organization is bold enough to highlight this market and encourage the use of carbon offsets as a cost-abatement mechanism for climate change mitigation and a way to make a meaningful difference. Its page is informative and candid without being apologetic. It does not downplay or capitulate on the usefulness of offsets in light of past controversies. But rather it supports consumer awareness and strengthening the market.

NRDC is one of the most important environmental organizations in the world, and we appreciate that they in particular are providing this lucid explanation of carbon offset quality and buying tips. It is consistent with their long history of environmental leadership.

Check out Buying Carbon Offsets: What You Need to Know to learn more about what you should be looking for if you’re in the market.