The Promise of Sustainable Procurement

Last month Center for Resource Solutions joined the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) as a Supplier Member with the hopes of aiding the fledgling organization in the creation of sustainable procurement principles. Started in 2013, the SPLC has a stated mission to “support and recognize purchasing leadership that accelerates the transition to a prosperous and sustainable future.” To date SPLC has done an admirable job attracting nearly 70 members from a broad range of categories:  nonprofits, universities, corporations, local and national government agencies, consultants, associations, and certification systems. If successful, this group has the potential to set and dramatically advance the standards for organizational procurement as well as train industry professionals to these best practices. Those holding the purse strings for organizations have long had to struggle to define what metrics and criteria they should use when assessing vendors and products against sustainability principles. We are excited by the promise that this multi-stakeholder platform holds and look forward to working with the broad range of stakeholders around a wide variety of important issues. Of course, we’ll be paying particular attention to energy and climate issues, with the aim of advancing renewable energy procurement and mitigating carbon impacts throughout supply chains.

We hope that this nascent initiative continues to emerge as a significant sustainability driver and encourage other organizations to monitor their progress and engage with SPLC as they are able.