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CRS Releases Guidance for Federal Clean Energy Standard Implementation


Jeff Swenerton

Center for Resource Solutions’ (CRS’s) Clean Energy Accounting Project (CEAP) released two resources offering guidance to policymakers on implementation of the emerging federal Clean Energy Standard (CES). The CES is a proven policy tool that can help achieve 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035. It will be most effective if it can leverage current accounting and tracking infrastructure and bolster the existing voluntary renewable energy market.

The two CEAP papers focus on critical elements of CES program design, and may be updated with stakeholder input. Please direct any feedback to Peggy Kellen, CRS Policy Director here.

Policy Brief: Measuring What an LSE Manages Under a Federal Clean Energy Standard. This policy brief focuses on designing accurate and efficient metrics for measuring the electricity provided by the load-serving entities (LSEs) that sell and deliver electricity to end-use customers. It explores four potential options for an LSE-focused Federal CES, with each option treating electricity contracts and generation attributes differently and requiring different approaches to tracking and verification.


Discussion Draft: Clean Energy Baselines for Load-Serving Entities Under a Federal Clean Energy Standard. Current proposals for the federal Clean Energy Standard (CES) incorporate existing renewable energy resources and may require the establishment of baselines to measure progress made by load serving entities towards compliance targets. This discussion draft evaluates several key issues for establishing baselines, including the criteria used to define eligible generation, establishing a baseline year, disposition of owned generation and specified purchases, interaction with existing state renewable portfolio standards and goals, and use of existing accounting tools.

These resources were developed by CEAP in collaboration with key NGO, government, and industry stakeholders. Future publications will include an evaluation of how voluntary renewable energy purchases should be treated under a Federal CES.


The Clean Energy Accounting Project (CEAP) develops standardized, stakeholder-reviewed clean energy and GHG emissions accounting guidance addressing outstanding questions in voluntary and regulatory markets. To learn more, visit resource-solutions.org/ceap/.


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