Clean Energy Accounting Project


The Clean Energy Accounting Project (CEAP) develops standardized, stakeholder-reviewed clean energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions accounting guidance addressing outstanding questions in voluntary and regulatory markets.

As more companies and communities set goals to advance clean energy, they are often constrained by the lack of information on measuring clean energy and GHG impacts. Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) launched CEAP in 2020 to address these gaps by:

  • Publishing consensus clean energy and GHG accounting guidance
  • Documenting and promoting best practices
  • Facilitating collaboration across leading organizations
  • Developing education resources


“The Clean Energy Accounting Project is addressing specific, complex questions in the clean energy and GHG emissions accounting space, providing clarity and guidance where it is needed. Energy customers will benefit from CEAP activities and resources, as the program facilitates information exchange among key stakeholders to form best practices and encourage consistency. CEBI is excited to collaborate on this consensus-driven work, which is essential to advancing participation in the voluntary market.”

—Priya Barua, Director for Market & Policy Innovation, Clean Energy Buyers Institute (CEBI)


“The increasing pace and scope of clean energy and greenhouse gas goals makes substantiating credible claims all the more important. CRS’s 25 years of leadership in renewable energy standard development and environmental innovation makes it exceptionally qualified to solve energy and greenhouse gas accounting questions that can complicate sustainable energy progress. The Clean Energy Accounting Project will be a crucial resource for organizations and government agencies working through the details of accounting for clean energy transactions and substantiating credible claims.”

—Holly Lahd, Energy Manager, Meta



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