Policy and Market Development

China Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP)

For well over a decade, CRS has undertaken efforts to make renewable energy a significant component of China’s national energy system. CRS continues its vital work on renewable and clean energy policies under the China Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP), an effort of the San Francisco–based Energy Foundation. CSEP engages with key Chinese policymakers and research institutions to develop and implement clean energy policies that will yield significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and in other environmental damage associated with energy production and use.

CRS and its international team of consultants pursue a diverse array of renewable energy programs and activities, ranging from conducting technical analysis to offering policy support, that have been crucial to renewable power expansion. Program areas in recent years include: the continuing High Wind Penetration project and the associated assessment of the US wind power integration experience; solar photovoltaics analysis; and the interactions between climate change policies, international agreements and renewable energy markets. The CRS team was also heavily influential in China’s first national renewable energy law, which took effect in 2006 and saw important revisions in 2009.

CSEP work typically covers more than a dozen program areas, including:

  • Expanding wind forecasting and integration
  • Producing supply curve analysis and energy cost analysis
  • Helping develop rational energy pricing mechanisms
  • Documenting solar power polices and installations, both for photovoltaics and central station projects
  • Supporting local and regional planning efforts for renewable energy deployment
  • Bolstering the value of renewable energy as a response to climate change in China
  • Supporting the work of Energy Foundation grantees in Beijing
  • Commenting on government policy documents
  • Continuing joint projects for the World Bank and potential new collaborations in support of the US/China MOU on ways to address global climate change

For more information about this program, contact CRS at 415-561-2100 or info@resource-solutions.org.