Guidelines for Use of Center for Resource Solutions Certification Marks


The Green-e® name and symbol are a registered trademark owned and administered by Center for Resource Solutions (CRS). The appropriate symbol use is “Green-e®” with the “®” registration mark. The three programs within Green-e® are “Green-e® Marketplace,” “Green-e® Energy,” and “Green-e® Climate.”

The Green-e® Logo and the phrase “Green-e” (collectively the “CRS Certification Marks”) are registered by CRS as certification marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, registration numbers 2266489 and 2415152 respectively. CRS licenses use of these marks for specific purposes on a contractual basis to companies participating in the Green-e® Energy, Green-e® Climate, and Green-e® Marketplace certification and verification programs. Unlicensed use of the Green-e® Logo and the phrase “Green-e” is prohibited and will constitute infringement of the CRS Certification Marks.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, CRS interprets the trademark law principle of nominative fair use to permit a company that has purchased a product in a transaction certified by Green-e® Energy or Green-e® Climate, or from a company participating in Green-e® Marketplace, to refer to the appropriate Green-e® program when truthfully describing its action, so long as: (1) the company does not convey the impression that it or any product it sells is certified by or affiliated with Green-e® or CRS, and (2) the company does not use or reproduce the Green-e® Logo.