Policy and Market Development

Policy Initiatives

CRS continually assists lawmakers, regulators, and advocates in developing policy solutions that advance clean energy and reduce carbon emissions. We work at state, national, and international levels to ensure that policy decisions are informed with an understanding of renewable energy markets and promote the continuing growth of clean energy solutions. We continually provide lawmakers and regulators with critical information on matters impacting renewable energy markets, writing comments to trade associations, policy organizations, state public utility commissions, and government agencies.

We are also active in dozens of public processes and interactions with other sustainability organizations and government agencies to promote the use of sustainable energy, including supporting the use of renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas impacts.

We continue to publish a number of reports and white papers that address the voluntary green power market, transparency and integrity in the voluntary carbon market, best practices for RECs and renewable energy claims, and other best practices and policy recommendations to support the continued development of robust renewable energy markets.


U.S. Policy

CRS supports the design and development of policies and programs at all levels that increase renewable energy development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We provide guidance and technical expertise to policymakers, regulators, and others to strengthen market integrity, impact, and consumer confidence in renewable energy and carbon markets—ensuring that renewable energy procurement and emissions reduction activities have real impacts and are accounted for and communicated accurately. Our U.S. Policy work focuses on:

  • Creating and maintaining credible accounting systems (e.g. preventing double counting);
  • Maintaining the impact of the voluntary renewable energy market beyond what is required by law;
  • Ensuring consumer protection for voluntary buyers of renewable energy and carbon offsets;
  • Protecting voluntary demand for renewable energy and emissions reductions;
  • Supporting positive and incremental interactions between renewable energy and carbon markets;
  • Developing standards of best practice for renewable energy and greenhouse gas accounting and reporting; and
  • Advancing policy and standards that are supportive of the Green-e certification program.


International Market Development

CRS manages the China Sustainable Energy Program, which provides international best practice guidance to Chinese organizations, including on distributed renewable energy generation, high-penetration renewable energy studies, wind and solar integration studies, dispatch order, and energy storage. Team members have completed projects ranging from sources of wind resource and wind forecast data, to a comparison of China’s solar PV grid codes to grid codes in Europe, to pumped storage, and the operating flexibility of ultra-high voltage direct current lines.


Contact Us

To learn more about our policy work, contact Todd Jones at todd.jones@resource-solutions.org or 415-561-2118.