Clean Energy Accounting Project

How CEAP Works

CEAP seeks to build consensus among NGOs, policymakers, and corporate leaders around best practice accounting methodologies and impact reporting.

The core of CEAP’s activities will utilize issue-specific working groups, stakeholder meetings, and webinars to develop new consensus guidance addressing targeted clean energy accounting issues. Where consensus is established but clarity may be needed, CEAP may work more independently, or in partnership with other initiatives to document best practice or design educational resources. Current publications are available here.

CEAP’s Advisory Committee offers essential insight and expertise to CEAP’s activities in order to move consensus-building working groups forward.


Founding Partners

Apple, Entergy, and Meta became CEAP Founding Partners with their extraordinary early commitments. Their advanced understanding of clean energy procurement in their respective industries will significantly advance CEAP’s goals. They guide priorities, strengthen standards-focused discussions, bolster the work of CRS staff, and collaborate with other Advisory Committee members to support CEAP’s activities.


Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee provides feedback on CEAP’s priorities and ongoing projects. It includes leading climate- and clean energy-focused organizations and corporations from diverse sectors with unique expertise in technology solutions, energy generation and market dynamics, clean energy and carbon accounting standards, sustainability best practices, and corporate boardroom decision making. This balance helps ensure the ongoing credibility of CEAP and its publications.

Our Advisory Committee includes: