Trademark Request Form

Complete this form if you would like to request permission to use a trademark or logo owned by Center for Resource Solutions


A trademark is a word (“Green-e”), symbol (GREEN-E LOGO), or phrase adopted by an organization to identify its products and services, which distinguishes them from the products and services of others.

Please read these directions carefully and complete all appropriate sections. Incomplete forms will not be considered. CRS attempts to process requests within 20 business days, although some requests may take longer. Please provide as much detail as you can, including a sample or mockup showing how you intend to use the requested mark or logo.  Applications without samples/mockups are incomplete and will not be considered. Additionally, we strongly encourage you to read through all of the Terms and Conditions before signing the request form, as failure to comply with them in your use of CRS intellectual property may subject you to legal liability.

Fill out this form and submit, or send completed form to You can also request permission to use something other than a trademark or logo at this email address, or ask questions pertaining to trademark use.

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