Renewable Energy Certificates 101

Renewable Energy Certifications (typically refered to as “RECs.” and also known as “green tags” and “tradable renewable certificates”) are at the heart of sales of renewable electricity. For more detail on what they are and how they work, please see the resources below.


REC Questions and Answers

For our official definition of a renewable energy certificate, see the listing in the Green-e Glossary.

For an illustration of how renewable energy certificates (RECs) work to track ownership, best practices for using and claiming RECs, and a series of example claims for solar panel owners or leaseholders, see REC Best Practices and Claims.

See our short animated video, “What is a Renewable Energy Certificate?” released January 2015.

The former president of Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), Jan Hamrin, has written an excellent primer on RECs, called REC Questions and Answers. It contains information on the definition of a REC, how the REC system began, how RECs are created, tracked and verified, and how pricing works.


101 Slideshows

Each year, CRS hosts the Renewable Energy Markets conference. As part of a pre-conference 101 session, renewable energy market participants hold a Renewable Energy 101 session. See the latest conference’s agenda on the website for the most recent set of presentations from this session. Presentations cover the basic terminology of renewables, data and growth trends, market oversight and market operation.


Other Learning Opportunities

CRS and Green-e Energy staff speak at a variety of events, discussing many aspects of RECs and the renewable energy market. See the CRS events page for details on upcoming webinars, educational sessions, conferences and presentations.