Comments on Chapter 173-442 WAC, Clean Air Rule Draft Proposal

CRS applauds the state of Washington for proposing such a comprehensive system for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and comments on the Clean Air Rule (CAR) draft proposal. Comments are focused on potential interactions with existing renewable energy (RE) markets and market instruments.

Comments on the MD Notice of Proposed Action 16-104-P, Subtitle 62 Community Solar Energy Generation Systems (CSEGS)

Comments on the Maryland Public Service Commission’s (PSC’s) Proposed Action 16-104-P to adopt new regulations under Subtitle 62 Community Solar Energy Generation Systems (CSEGS), as described in the Maryland Register, Volume 43, Issue 9, Friday, April 29, 2016. Comments focus on Renewable Energy Credit (REC) ownership under the Pilot Program and consumer protection requirements for …

Comments of CRS for consideration at the FTC’s “Something New Under the Sun: Competition and Consumer Protection Issues in Solar Power” Workshop

Comments on the topics to be covered at the workshop focusing specifically on the consumer protection issues to be covered. Also a selection of materials developed by CRS to educate and inform solar consumers, suppliers, and other interested parties. And short responses to certain questions included in the Workshop Notice related to consumer protection.

Making Credible Renewable Electricity Usage Claims

“Making credible renewable electricity usage claims” from RE100 is a technical deep-dive into corporate transparency and credibility, and shows companies how to accurately describe their use of renewable electricity. It is authored by members of the RE100 Technical Advisory Group, which provides RE100 companies with best practice guidance on the use of renewable power, to …