Guidance for Supplier Clean Electricity Procurement

  • Author(s): CRS Staff
  • Date: August 11th, 2023 | Report | 47 Pages

  • Companies working to increase clean electricity use in their upstream supply chains have lacked guidance on how to design clean electricity procurement programs with comparable criteria and metrics that meet their unique needs while supporting global supplier action. This Clean Energy Accounting Project (CEAP) Guidance for Supplier Clean Electricity Procurement (the guidance) was designed through a consensus-based process to improve the design and implementation of supplier clean electricity procurement programs that increase clean electricity use and reflect different clean electricity impacts.

    This guidance addresses objectives for supply chain clean electricity procurement and includes best practices for defining, monitoring, reporting, verifying, and enforcing supply chain program metrics related to clean electricity procurement and the impact of suppliers’ clean electricity purchases and projects. It can be used by companies with different clean electricity objectives and at different stages of program development. The full guidance document is also accompanied by an easy-to-use Supplier Clean Electricity Procurement Checklist that identifies some of the key action items for companies developing supplier clean electricity programs.

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