Inter-Registry REC Transfers

  • Author(s): ETNNA
  • Date: August 25th, 2009 | Document | 12 Pages

  • ETNNA was asked by the WREGIS working group on inter-registry transfers to draft a white paper summarizing the status of the working group activities and identifying potential next steps (including the pros and cons of each), as well as preliminary recommendations. At the same time it has become apparent that Congress may pass a federal Renewable Energy Standard (RES) this year or next, in which case all the tracking systems/registries may need to develop compatible import/export protocols and a mechanism for implementing such protocols. As a result this white paper lays out a potential pilot project to test the feasibility of the structures and protocols required for a robust inter-registry transfer system. This pilot project could, in addition to meeting current inter-registry transfer needs, lay the groundwork for implementation of protocols necessary to implement a national RES program if such legislation is passed by Congress.

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