Comments submitted by WeCAN’s Cap Setting and Allowance Distribution Committee in response to the WCI’s “Draft Statement of Principles and Review of Proposed Options for Addressing Industrial Competitiveness Impacts”

  • Author(s): Chris Busch, Eric de Place, Jamie Fine, Jessica Finn Coven, Dan Galpern, Kristin Grenfell, Kelly Knutsen, Jennifer Martin, Jane Valentino, Erin Rogers
  • Date: August 28th, 2009 | Comment | 3 Pages

  • WeCAN’s Cap Setting and Allowance Distribution Committee is recommending the addition of a fourth set of principles to WCI’s “Draft Statement of Principles,” one that recommends against overcompensating parties that have perceived concerns with maintaining competitiveness by granting unjustified or free allocations. This practice could lead to windfall profits, opportunity costs in the form of lost investments to advance clean energy development, transitioning workers, and consumer protection.

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