Insights into the Renewable Energy Market: A Brief Overview of Procurement Trends, Drivers, and Impacts of Voluntary Commercial Purchasers

  • Author(s): Orrin Cook and Andreas Karelas
  • Date: September 14th, 2009 | Report | 20 Pages

  • Commercial entities and organizations are increasingly looking to reduce the environmental impacts they are responsible for. The potential of renewable energy as a practical and effective market solution to a number of societal issues has garnered support from social, political, and business communities. Commercial demand significantly influences the overall renewable energy market, as commercial purchasers have become the largest and fastest growing sector of the voluntary renewable energy market. Together with demand from state renewable portfolio standards, the increasing demand of the voluntary market is a clear driver for renewable energy in the United States. This report documents increasing renewable energy purchases by commercial customers and offers analysis of procurement trends, market drivers, and impacts.

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