Letter to AB 32 Economic and Allocation Advisory Committee on on Economic Modeling

  • Author(s): Bonnie Holmes-Gen, Andy Katz, Shankar Prasad, Chris Busch, Jamie Fine, Audrey Chang, Kristin Grenfell, Jasmin Ansar
  • Date: September 25th, 2009 | Letter | 3 Pages

  • This CRS-led joint letter to the EAAC on economic analysis of the impacts of AB 32 recommended that EAAC issue a statement on economic modeling that communicates that: CARB results are consistent with other studies; CARB’s analysis to date has met reasonable expectations given time constraints, limited resources, and the state of modeling science; peer review criticism of CARB’s economic modeling has been misrepresented; consideration of co-benefits, required by law, is left out of the economic modeling; impacts should be modeled by income level, and modeling does not reflect the near certainty that innovation will lower costs.

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