Comments to the California Energy Commission (CEC) on September 6, 2019 Express Terms and Initial Statement of Reasons for Power Source Disclosure and Implementation of Assembly Bill 1110

CRS comments on the regulatory proposal and initial statement of reasons for updating California’s Power Source Disclosure program under Assembly Bill 1110 (Ting), which requires that retail suppliers of electricity disclose to consumers the greenhouse gas emissions intensity of the supplier’s electric service products.

Comments to The Gold Standard Foundation on the “Envisioning the Voluntary Carbon Market Post-2020” Working Group Statement

Comments on the Working Group Statement on the future role and design of the voluntary carbon off setmarket, “Envisioning the Voluntary Carbon Market Post-2020. ”Comments pertain assurances and benefits related to additionality and the creation of and accounting for new instruments that finance the acceleration of the global transition to net-zero rather than reducing emissions …