CRS NewSolutions (Fall/Winter 2019)

In This Issue: Green-e® 2019 Verification Report • Renewable Energy in China • Green-e® Renewable Fuels • Spotlight: Bank of America • State Policy Update • Philippine and Tunisian Delegations • REM Asia Announced • REM 2020 • Spotlight: Rock Canyon Coffee • Welcome New Participants • Congratulations GPLA Winners • In the News • …

Accelerating Corporate Renewable Energy Engagement in China

While there are many new and existing mechanisms in China that enable companies to access renewable energy, the Chinese voluntary market is still early in its development, and much more can be done to create market conditions that facilitate a significant scale-up of private investment. This report, released by CRS with funding by Google, LLC., …

2019 Green-e® Verification Report (2018 Data)

CRS’s Green-e® certification programs certified over 62 million megawatt-hours in retail transactions in 2018, representing an overall increase of 4% compared to 2017 sales. This is the highest number of certified retail MWh to date, and enough to power over half of U.S. households for a month.

CRS NewSolutions (Summer 2019)

In This Issue: Green-e® Partners With Apple In Asia • Green-e® Renewable Fuels • Policy Update: LCFS • REM 2019 • Just Published • Green-e® Marketplace Certified Events • Lithium Mining in Chile • New Green-e® Participants • In the News • On the Road • Welcome New Staff

Peace Renewable Energy Credits: Facilitating High-Impact Projects in Fragile Regions

Over 135 million people worldwide are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance because of conflict and climate impacts, with more than 68 million forcibly displaced in 2017. Record numbers of refugees are stretching resources, and global institutions are struggling to respond. At the same time, many of the countries at greatest risk of conflict also …

Comments on CenterPoint Energy Minnesota Gas Petition to Introduce a Five-Year Renewable Natural Gas Pilot Program

Comments on the August 23, 2018 initial filing of a petition to introduce a five-year Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) pilot program by CenterPoint Energy. Comments address two topics: introduction of the Green-e® Renewable Thermal Certification Standard development process, and CenterPoint Energy’s sponsorship of that process and its role on the Green-e Renewable Thermal Working Group; …

CRS NewSolutions (Fall/Winter 2018)

In This Issue: Green-e 2017 Verification Report • Chile Standard • P&G Case Study • Just Published • In the News • IN Case Study • On the Road • New Green-e Participants • International Market Development •AmazonSmile • REM 2019 • Staff Updates