2022 Green-e® Verification Report (2021 Data)

  • Author(s): CRS Staff
  • Date: January 24th, 2023 | Report | 1 Pages

  • The 2022 Green-e® Verification Report (2021 Data) is an annual, year-end report that aggregates reporting data from participants in the three Green-e® programs—Green-e® Climate, Green-e® Energy, and Green-e® Marketplace. The 2022 report, which was compiled from data gathered during the 2021 reporting year, highlighted significant market trends, including:

    • 110 million retail megawatt-hours (MWh) reported from Green-e® Energy participants, an increase of 23% from the previous year.
    • 1.3 million retail purchasers of Green-e® certified renewable energy, including nearly 309,000 businesses. 2021 saw a decrease in the overall number of customers purchasing certified retail options for the second straight year as consumers dealt with the uncertainty of the pandemic.
    • Newer renewable generation is still driving the market, with more than half of the energy supplying certified products from facilities less than 5 years old.
    • Renewable retail sales were mostly to California, Oregon, and Washington, with the majority of supply from Texas and Oklahoma.
    • Solar growth continued in 2021, with over 11.4 million MWh from solar in 2021, a 73% increase from 2020.


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