How Carbon Policy Affects Renewable Energy Markets: Solutions to Maximize Benefits (Western Region)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Renewable energy generation provides important greenhouse gas emissions benefits. Carbon regulations and markets, like California’s cap-and-trade program, interact with renewable energy markets, like Renewable Portfolio Standards and voluntary renewable energy purchasing, in important ways. They can be complementary, and even incremental with respect to emissions reductions where certain policy mechanisms are in place. This webinar will explain:

  1. how carbon regulations affect renewable energy markets
  2. why it is important that voluntary renewable energy continue to reduce emissions once carbon regulations are in place
  3. what policy mechanisms can ensure that it does in order to protect voluntary demand, investment, and benefits

The webinar will feature a case study of the voluntary renewable energy set-aside mechanism in California’s program.

Who should attend:

  • State air regulators
  • Corporate renewable energy purchasers
  • Voluntary market stakeholders
  • Renewable energy and carbon policy advocates



  • Maya Kelty, Regulatory Affairs Manager, 3Degrees
  • Todd Jones; Director, Policy and Climate Change Programs; CRS