Introduction to Green-e Marketplace for Businesses and Brands, Featuring Procter & Gamble and Intelligent Nutrients

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 11:00 AM


This webinar will give an introduction to Green-e Marketplace, the largest renewable energy certification program for businesses and retail products in North America. With over 550,000 MWh of renewable energy certified in 2017, the program verifies and certifies renewable energy purchases and climate commitments and provides effective promotional tools companies can use to market those purchases. This free webinar will give an overview of how organizations of all sizes can promote their environmental sustainability through participation in Green-e Marketplace, including:

  • Why companies choose to go green with clean energy
  • The basics of corporate renewable energy purchasing
  • How organizations using 100% renewable energy can certify themselves and their products through Green-e
  • Expanded marketing and promotional benefits and new sales tools offered to Green-e participants
  • How environmental sustainability through clean energy use can boost sales and appeal to customers who prefer products with better environmental performance



Janell Schroeder, Research & Essential Oil Specialist, Intelligent Nutrients
Valerie Kessler, Global Energy Purchases, Procter & Gamble
Miranda Domico, Analyst, Center for Resource Solutions