Solar Energy on Campus:
Key considerations for solar developers working with higher education institutions

Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 11:00AM PT

Solar developers and renewable energy marketers are increasingly interacting directly with end-use customers interested in purchasing solar energy or supporting the development of solar PV projects. Developers engaged in these deals have to be prepared to address a range of concerns and goals that differ from those of their traditional customers, mainly utilities and electricity providers. Importantly, there can be reputational and legal risk for both developer and customer if the deal isn’t properly understood in terms of renewable energy benefits by all involved entities. Representatives from Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) discussed:

  • The role of renewable energy certificates (RECs) in renewable energy claims
  • Regulations and restrictions on marketing solar energy products
  • Examples of deceptive marketing statements and marketing
  • Key disclosure considerations under various solar purchasing options including onsite generation, PPAs, and REC purchases
  • Best practices in partnering with universities for solar deployment
  • Additional deal considerations, including REC arbitrage, state incentives, operating within cap-and-trade programs, and state laws

This webinar is aimed at developers and renewable energy marketers engaging directly with end-use customers, including higher education institutions.

Maya Kelty, Green-e Associate, CRS
Jenny Heeter, Senior Energy Analyst, NREL

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