How to Grow Subscribership in Your Utility Green Pricing Program: Lessons Learned From Top U.S. Programs

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 11:00 AM

Data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory show that the top four utility green pricing programs resulted in the lion’s share of 2018 residential and small business voluntary purchasing in the U.S. What are the specifics of program design, marketing and communications, and employee engagement that have driven renewable energy subscribership at those few utilities skyward (accounting for over 10% of eligible households in some locations)? Learn by example what it takes to grow the size and impact of your green power programs.


  • Michael Leschke, CRS (Moderator)
  • Josh Halley, Portland General Electric
  • Berit Kling, PacifiCorp
  • David McDougall, 3Degrees