A New Look for CRS

We’re excited to announce the introduction of a new visual identity for CRS, including a new logo, typeface, and color scheme. We were fortunate enough to work with one of the most accomplished designers around, Scott Gagner of Gagner Design, who over his 20+ year career has led branding efforts and immersive design projects for some of the most recognizable global brands, including Adobe, Chili’s, The Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wendy’s, and many more.

Scott’s reimagination of our existing decade-old identity was more than just a refresh—it’s a reinvention of its core elements to improve its usability, impact, and style, while maintaining a link to its history. This includes the mobius strip, which represents the endless potential of renewable energy, and the confident typeface, which allows the logo to resolve at all sizes, online and in print. We look forward to leading with our bold new identity as we continue to advance sustainable energy for the next decade, and beyond.