Opportunities for Positive Community Impact through Equitable Renewable Energy Projects

Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 11:00 AM PT

Renewable energy projects in low to moderate-income (LMI) communities present new opportunities to increase impact, reduce energy burdens, and foster long-term economic growth through new clean energy initiatives. Join a panel of experts from Google, Pivot Energy, Reactivate, and Sustain our Future to explore important considerations for these projects, including workforce training, community benefits, and the intersection of energy equity with the growing demand for renewable energy in LMI communities.

In this hourlong webinar from Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), you’ll learn actionable insights, foster meaningful conversations, and inspire collaborative initiatives for increased community impact. From contracting with local and minority-owned businesses to measuring and ensuring long-term local impacts, we’ll delve into practical strategies and solutions. Discover how corporate engagement and collaborative effort play pivotal roles in building sustainable, equitable energy projects.

Organizers: CRS and Felicia Davis, HBCU Green Fund

REM Next: The first in a series of extended conversations from the annual Renewable Energy Markets™ conference produced by CRS.

Yinka N. Bode-George – Founder & CEO, Sustain our Future
Micah Elan – Sr. Specialist, Partnerships & Community, CRS
Utopia Hill – CEO, Reactivate
Annie Lappé – Vice President, Policy and Impact, Pivot Energy
Sana Ouji – Data Center Clean Energy Strategy, Americas, Google