Making Renewable Electricity Claims with Confidence through Green-e® Marketplace Certification

Zoom webinar

Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at 10:00 AM PST

Join this short 30-minute webinar to learn how Green-e® Marketplace certification has helped RPE, the largest grower/shipper/packer of potatoes in the United States, communicate its commitment to sustainability through the use of renewable electricity. Rachel Atkinson-Leach, RPE’s Vice President, Brand & Category Excellence, will share her first-hand experience as a participant in the program, including how RPE has utilized the Green-e® logo on its packaging and differentiated its company. Center for Resource Solutions, the nonprofit that administers the program, will also explain how to get certified and general renewable electricity claims marketing best practices.

Rachel Atkinson-Leach, Vice President, Brand & Category Excellence, RPE
Michelle McGinty, Senior Manager, Partnerships and Program Outreach, Center for Resource Solutions