Clean Energy Accounting Project: Standard Delivery Renewable Energy

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 11:00 AM

Consumers working to meet renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions targets find many challenges when accounting for renewable energy that they do not actively procure. This webinar will present the newly defined consensus position on credible use claims for Standard Delivery Renewable Energy, explore variability across current data sources, and propose a new set of data credibility criteria and quality considerations to guide consumers. We will also explore how leadership criteria may go beyond credibility and examine a real-world case study.

Download the Report: Accounting for Standard Delivery Renewable Energy


  • Holly Lahd, Lead Energy Program Manager, Target
  • James Critchfield Director, Green Power Partnership Program, U.S. EPA
  • Todd Jones, Director, Policy, Center for Resource Solutions
  • Peggy Kellen, Director, Policy, Center for Resource Solutions

This webinar is part of Center for Resource Solutions’ new Clean Energy Accounting Project (CEAP), which develops standardized, stakeholder-reviewed clean energy and GHG emissions accounting guidance to address outstanding questions in voluntary and regulatory markets.