Powering Resilient Schools: Incorporating Solar, Storage, and Microgrids into Educational Infrastructure

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 2:00PM

With over a million K-12 children in the Bay Area, public schools play a vital role in the fabric of our everyday life. However, power outages and other emergency events have become a disruption to schools, placing a strain on children and their families and our regional economy. Helping school districts become more power resilient with clean energy strengthens the foundation of a healthy and thriving Bay Area community.

This workshop on April 28, 2021 explored the feasibility of onsite solar combined with battery storage and microgrid options and highlight additional revenue streams that can assist with project economics. The presentation is based on the Resilient Schools Collaborative’s work with Oakland Unified School District and San Rafael City Schools over the past year. Hear from ARC AlternativesCenter for Resource SolutionsBay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)Apala GroupSEIKyotoUSA, and experts in public school projects.

This workshop was hosted by the Resilient Schools Collaborative with financial support from the BAAQMD. The Resilient Schools Collaborative is an initiative of ARC Alternatives, CRS, and KyotoUSA with the mission of increasing public school district knowledge of clean power resiliency options during electricity outages and other emergency events through installation of solar energy, battery storage capacity, and “islanded” microgrids, and harnessing new and innovative revenue streams to support these investments.


  • Jennifer Martin, Center for Resource Solutions (CRS)
  • Abby Young, BAAQMD
  • Tom Kelly, Kyoto USA
  • Russell Driver, Arc Alternatives
  • Simon Olivieri, Arc Alternatives
  • Lucas Grimes, CRS
  • Orrin Cook, Apala Group
  • Brendan Havenar-Daughton, OUSD
  • Dan Zaich, San Rafael City Schools
  • Jake Pollack, SEI
  • Laura Franke, Independent Consultant