The Strategic Value of Voluntary Renewable Programs for Gas Utilities

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 at 11:00 AM

For future-focused gas utilities addressing the need to decarbonize, voluntary renewable programs bring real value to utility leaders, customers, and the environment. Join leaders from CRS and 3Degrees to learn about different strategies gas utilities can use to develop and implement effective voluntary renewable programs.

We’ll discuss:

– How voluntary renewable programs benefit gas utilities.

– Key considerations to address before filing a new program.

– Program structures for gas utilities, including carbon offsets and renewable natural gas (RNG).

– The current effort led by the Center for Resource Solutions to develop Green-e® certification standards for RNG.

Our speakers: Amanda Mortlock, VP of Utility Partnerships at 3Degrees; Rachael Terada, Director of Technical Projects at Center for Resource Solutions; and David McDougall, Senior Business Development Manager at 3Degrees.