Make Clean Energy a Part of Your Climate Initiative

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 11:00 AM PT

Buying clean energy is one of the best ways to cut GHG emissions and purchase options continue to evolve and expand. It’s essential to understand what’s out there, and to know your way around the terms, technologies, and resources that are relevant to your climate action journey.

Join Climate Neutral, Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), and Amika + Eva NYC on June 7 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET as we discuss how to integrate clean energy into your climate strategy. During this discussion, our guests will review:

  • Trends in the clean energy market
  • What a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is and how they’re tracked and traded in North America
  • Common ways to procure clean energy—no matter the size of your organization
  • Practical insights and inspiration from Amika + Eva NYC on sourcing clean energy from a competitive retail supplier
  • How clean energy aligns to the Climate Neutral Standard
  • Clean energy procurement lessons learned from 800+ Climate Neutral certifications

All registrants will receive an emailed recording.


  • Michelle McGinty, Senior Manager, Program Outreach, Center for Resources Solutions
  • Alicia Rodriguez, Program Manager, Climate Neutral
  • Chandler Frenken, Sustainability Specialist, Amika + Eva NYC