Case Studies: Leveraging Green-e® Marketplace for Certifying Green Energy Claims, Featuring Bank of America & Bigelow Tea

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at 11:00 AM

How do you reach over 200 million Americans* eager to support businesses that use clean energy? With the Green-e certification logo, recognized by 1 in 3 US adults**, businesses can let their customers know they are supporting a clean energy leader.

This webinar gave an introduction to Green-e® Marketplace, a program to verify and certify renewable energy purchases and climate commitments, as well as provide effective promotional tools companies can leverage to market those purchases.

Hear from two current participants, Bank of America and Bigelow Tea, as they share their renewable energy sourcing strategy and experience participating in the program, including:

  • Why their companies choose to go green with clean energy
  • Their renewable energy sourcing strategy
  • Why they choose to become Green-e certified
  • The benefits of Green-e certification, including differentiation, risk reduction and promotional tools/support

Bob Hendrick, VP Corporate Responsibility, Bigelow Tea
Beth Wytiaz, SVP, Global Environmental Operations Manager, Bank of America
Michelle McGinty, Program Outreach Manager, Center for Resource Solutions

*Source: Deloitte Resources 2019 Study, **NMI U.S. Sustainability Consumer Trends 2019