Renewable Electric Vehicles: Solving a Vital Piece of the EV Puzzle

Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 11:00 AM

Electric vehicles (EVs) are only as clean as the energy that powers them—help your EV customers achieve zero emissions with renewable energy.

In the rush to electrify our highways with personal EVs and fleets of EVs, many new EV owners, both commercial and residential, overlook the fact that the electricity used to power them is from the combined electrical grid, which often includes generation from fossil fuels.

This free webinar discussed strategies to green that power—current regulations that promote EV use of renewable energy, utility green pricing programs, REC purchases and more. Geared towards all participants in the EV ecosystem, this webinar will provide solutions that can catalyze the positive climate impact of EVs, allowing users to meet their climate goals and solution providers to help them get there. The webinar includes:

  • Smart Electric Power Alliance’s overview of the EV market and those working to power it with renewable electricity
  • The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s regulatory perspective on how its Clean Fuels Program focuses on powering EVs with renewable electricity
  • Enel X’s case study of its JuiceEco program, which provides Green-e certified renewable energy for its customers, providing a valuable and differentiated service for its eco-minded customers (including Uber drivers!)

This moderated discussion helps attendees better understand the opportunities and challenges in expediting the clean energy transition in transportation.


  • Garrett Fitzgerald, Principal, Electrification, SEPA
  • Carlos Gonzalez, VP Global Business Development, e-Mobility, Enel X
  • Bill Peters, Clean Fuels Program Analyst, Oregon DEQ
  • Michelle McGinty, Manager, Program Outreach, CRS (Moderator)