Learn About Renewable Energy
New to this site and to the issues behind renewable energy and its benefits in mitigating climate change? This is the place to start. The pages in this section provide information for consumers and those new to the issues that the Green-e programs strive to help address.

Renewable Energy
These pages offer increasing levels of depth on the subjects that Green-e addresses, specifically renewable electricity and how it is used to help prevent climate change.

  • Why Renewable Energy? provides basic information on what renewable energy is and why it is important for you, your health, your business and the world.
  • Frequently Asked Questions goes deeper into common questions about renewable energy and how the Green-e programs help consumers make informed choices.
  • Renewable Energy Certificates 101 gives detailed information about Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which are a specific way to buy and sell renewable energy. They are often a new concept for visitors to this site, and the background is helpful to having a fuller understanding of renewable energy.
  • REC Claims and Ownership are at the heart of what makes the market for renewable energy work and where Green-e offers value to buyers and sellers of renewable energy. This page is designed for those with a firm grasp of renewable energy and the potential issues that arise in the voluntary renewable energy market. It also contains information on solar PV and the claims specific to RECs from such projects.