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  • Green-e Energy Federal Product FAQs
  • Author: CRS Staff
  • Published: October 19th, 2015| Other | 3 Pages
  • Information on the Green-e Energy Federal Product type, which allows certified sales to federal departments and agencies under Executive Order 13693.

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  • The Legal Basis for Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Author: Todd Jones, Robin Quarrier, Maya Kelty
  • Published: June 17th, 2015| Report | 25 Pages
  • There is a strong legal basis for the use of renewable energy certificates (RECs) as instruments that represent the attributes of renewable electricity generation and are used to demonstrate renewable electricity purchasing, delivery, and use within the broader context of functioning voluntary and compliance renewable electricity markets. This document provides a summary of different selected sources on the definition and function of RECs in the U.S. Originally published January 31, 2014. Updated June 17, 2015.

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